Jacob Billikopf The Life, Work, and Writings of Jacob Billikopf


Published in the Jewish Daily Bulletin
Sunday, November 19, 1933

  There is practically no economic future in France, Holland or Belgium for the thousands of fugitives from Germany who are endeavoring to establish themselves there, declared Dr. Jacob Billikopf, president of the National Conference of Jewish Social Service, in a statement based on his recent investigations of the German Jewish situation including many of the countries of Europe and the Reich.

   What has happened to the Jews in Germany, he added, is so cataclysmic as to strain to the utmost the efforts of the Jewish communities and organizations throughout the world, and what they have done so far is inadequate to meet even the minimal existing and impending needs of the 600,000 victims of the Nazi anti-Semitic program.

   Dr. Billikopf, who is the executive director of the Philadelphia Federation of Jewish Charities, declared that "my observations have convinced me that the Joint Distribution Committee was entirely too conservative when it set the goal of its German Relief Fund at $2,000,000 for this year. That and the even more modest sum set by the British Fund will not begin to meet the actual need."




Jacob Billikopf The Life, Work, and Writings of Jacob Billikopf

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