The History and Life Story of Jacob Billikopf

During the first half of the Twentieth century, Jacob Billikopf devoted his life and his career to social justice and human rights, both in the United States and in countries around the world.   From starting schools for immigrants and providing bath houses for the poor of Kansas City to raising millions of dollars to help the Jews in post World War I Europe, from improving the working conditions for many thousands of women to helping tens of thousands of Jews escape Europe in the years leading up to World War II, Jacob Billikopf's life touched, changed, and even saved countless numbers of human beings.  His pioneering social work methods were emulated around the United States and around the world, improving the lives and futures of an untold number of families.

This website will be devoted to chronicling the history and the life of Jacob Billikopf, born Jacob Bielikov in Wilna, Russia (now Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania) in 1882.

Jacob Billikopf, Pioneer in Social Work

This site is under construction.  Please send information and inquiries to information at billikopf dot com.

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